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Student Receives a Letter of Commendation from the National Merit Scholarship Program

Student Receives a Letter of Commendation from the National Merit Scholarship Program
November 4, 2020

JT Ashby, a senior, was awarded a letter of commendation for the National Merit Scholarship after scoring in the 1400s during the PSAT last year.   The National Merit Scholarship Program is...

Junior Class 2020-21 Candidates

Junior Class 2020-21 Candidates
October 19, 2020

*Due to a lack of election profiles/meet and greet appearances, some candidates were left out of these comparisons.

SCA 2020-21 Candidates

SCA 2020-21 Candidates
October 16, 2020

The Treaty’s Editor-in-Chief Recognized as Student Journalist of the Year

Haulenbeek accepts the Colonel Charles E. Scholarship.
May 27, 2020

Recently, the Virginia High School League, or VHSL, recognized Senior Sydney Haulenbeek as the Student Journalist of the Year. With this honor came the Colonel Charles E. Savedge Student Journalist Scholarship...

K-Pop Dance Covers and Climbing: Social Distancing and Student Hobbies

Andre Mas practicing on a crack climbing training frame that he made in his backyard.
May 1, 2020

As schools have been closed and students are responsible for less schoolwork, time opens up in previously busy lives. Some students, such as Amara Cross and Andre Mas, have taken this opportunity to spend...

The Stress of Success: How School Affects Students’ Health

“It is very important for women to be able to have a Mrs. Kempsville pageant for a multitude of reasons. First, it gives women a choice to participate. A Mrs. Kempsville pageant will act as an opportunity to honor and award positive female role models in our community. It will act as a way for girls to uplift other girls instead of tearing each other down,” said Jones.
March 31, 2020

Imagine having to study for an important test for math. The grade from this test could greatly impact the overall grade in the class. However, a paper must also be written for English, due in the near...

Everyday Objects as Fashion: Safety Pins and Paperclips

Abigail Knights, senior, wearing a lock and key as a necklace at her place of work, a daycare.  Photo via her Instagram, @abbyknightess.
March 23, 2020

Fashion is subjective, and entirely up to the person wearing it. Some Kempsville students have come up with more creative options in choosing their jewelry and dress, dipping into incorporating everyday...

American Musical and Dramatic Academy Accepts Kempsville Student

American Musical and Dramatic Academy Accepts Kempsville Student
March 10, 2020

People in the fine arts, whether it be acting, singing, or playing an instrument, often have to endure the word “no” when auditioning for roles and schools within their field. Whether it be that only...

Fighting Blood Cancers One Donation at a Time: Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Student of the Year

 “I think this gives a voice to the students who want to represent their school without being a prom queen. I want everyone in Kempsville to feel like they are welcomed into our competition,” said Bridgham.
February 27, 2020

Students at Kempsville High School may have noticed the event described on the morning announcements for each homeroom class. The homeroom that raises the most money for blood cancer research will receive...

Showing Chief Pride, One Brick at a Time

The final project spells ‘CHIEFS’ in red bricks.
February 19, 2020

Some students at Kempsville High School may remember the transition of the courtyard from grass to mulch. A similar transition from grass to brick has been put in place on the exterior of the school, next...

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