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Are AP classes worth it?

What should you do when AP classes come banging at your door? First, let’s get to the root of what these classes even entail…
Dahra Rexroad, Editor February 21, 2024

Advanced Placement classes are no joke, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re impossible to follow. Many high school students are intimidated by AP classes, so most tend to shy away from the opportunity...

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Does Virginia Beach need a high speed transportation system?

Dahra Rexroad, Editor February 20, 2024

With modern technology, cars and trains are not the only option for getting from here to there. The most well-known and commonly used transportation in urban areas are underground railway systems, such...

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The New World of Mean Girls

Sara Garcia, Senior Editior February 9, 2024

The world of Mean Girls was re-introduced to the world this January.  The new film was released as a musical and with a hint more of technology. Just like before, this new film brings laughter with comforting...

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Stanley Quencher Take Over

Sara Garcia, Senior Editior January 22, 2024

From Hydroflask to Starbucks cups, there’s always a new “Must have, life-changing” cup on the market. The newest one that has blown up in popularity is the Stanley Adventure Quencher Travel Tumbler.    The...

Community College versus University. Which should I choose?

Community College versus University. Which should I choose?

What should you do when college comes knocking at your door? Read on to explore…
Dahra Rexroad, Editor January 9, 2024

College, college, college. Even just hearing the word may send immense stress through students’ veins. Picking out the perfect place to go or deciding whether or not they want to go at all. There’s...

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Take a Break! Watch the Newly Released Film “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes!”

Sara Garcia, Senior Editior January 9, 2024

The newly released prequel The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, transports its viewers to a world 65 years before the Hunger Games trilogy. Written by Suzanne Collins, the story quickly becomes a tale of...

Kempsville Marching Cheifs

Kempsville Marching Cheifs

Achievements of the KHS marching band
Peyton Stallings, Editor January 5, 2024

Kempsville High School was notorious for its marching band in the late ‘80s and now the 2023 Chiefs hope to bring Kempsville's name back into the light. Kempsvilles marching chiefs are a group of 26...

Mr. Morris: A Teacher Who Cares

Mr. Morris: A Teacher Who Cares

Sophia Ngo, Senior Editor October 27, 2023

 It's not always the case that a relationship with teachers will be formed; it takes both the students and the teachers to be willing to form this bond. It can be found that multiple teachers here at...

How Mrs. Jones has impacted staff and students at Kempsville

How Mrs. Jones has impacted staff and students at Kempsville

Jack Martinez, Editor October 27, 2023

“I love my job,” says Mrs. Jones, the technical drawing teacher, expressing that “it makes me happy” and she would love to continue teaching here at Kempsville High School for the years to come.  Mrs....

Mrs. Routsis Builds Up KHS Community

Mrs. Routsis Builds Up KHS Community

Sara Garcia, Senior Editor October 25, 2023

In recent years, Kempsville High School increased engagement in the Virginia Beach community, in part, due to Mrs. Sarah Routsis, who has spent time building up her Kempsville Community as a former student,...

Dr. Harrington and Tony, her classroom anatomy dummy.

Dr. Harrington’s Path to Teaching

Finn Sproule, Editor October 23, 2023

“I actually did get to be what I wanted to be when I grew up,” says Dr. Harrington, a biology teacher at Kempsville High School. “When I was a child I wanted to be a tea party scientist. I wanted...

Ms. Sucre has become a beacon of inspiration

Ms. Sucre has become a beacon of inspiration

Paytynn Ross, Editor October 23, 2023

Ms. Sucre, a math teacher at Kempsville High School, is forever altering the trajectory of her students' academic journeys, through innovative teaching methods and contagious enthusiasm. Ms. Shanice...

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