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Spring Athletes Did You Condition?
Sophia Ngo, Senior Editor • March 28, 2024

There is no doubt that athletes have to put in their hours at the gym or on the track. If that is on or off season, the problem is many people don’t realize the importance of conditioning and the impact it has on sports...

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Are AP classes worth it?
Dahra Rexroad, Editor • February 21, 2024

Advanced Placement classes are no joke, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re impossible to follow. Many high school students are intimidated by AP classes, so most tend to shy away from the opportunity altogether....

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Does Virginia Beach need a high speed transportation system?
Dahra Rexroad, Editor • February 20, 2024

With modern technology, cars and trains are not the only option for getting from here to there. The most well-known and commonly used transportation in urban areas are underground railway systems, such as the metropolitan...

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The New World of Mean Girls
Sara Garcia, Senior Editior • February 9, 2024

The world of Mean Girls was re-introduced to the world this January.  The new film was released as a musical and with a hint more of technology. Just like before, this new film brings laughter with comforting reminders of...

School on a snow day? Snow way! But its not really what you think...
School on a snow day? Snow way! But it's not really what you think...
Dahra Rexroad, Editor • December 11, 2023

You may be thinking, “Oh my god, my life is over! School’s taking away my childhood!” Rest assured. It is not.  John Torre, Executive Director of Communications for Fairfax County, stated in an article posted by...

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Peace out, Pink Out!

Peace out, Pink Out!

November 7, 2022

Play Hard, Win Easy

Play Hard, Win Easy

September 22, 2022

Kempsville Varsity Basketball Teams Celebrate Senior Class of ‘22

Kempsville Varsity Basketball Teams Celebrate Senior Class of ‘22

February 24, 2022

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