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Best Stories of 2019-2020

Best Stories of 2019-2020

Sydney Haulenbeek, Paxton Coley, and Janelle Camba

June 5, 2020

As this is our final post of the school year this story varies from our normal, as it is a commemoration of our journalists on the work they have done as well as is a showcase of their best pieces. It takes a significant amount of time to research, produce, and edit every piece that goes up each day, an...

“Lovebirds”: An Unconventional Romantic Comedy

“Lovebirds”: An Unconventional Romantic Comedy

Janelle Camba, Editorial Assistant

June 3, 2020

“Lovebirds” is best described as an untraditional romantic comedy. The story follows Jibran and Leilani, a bickering couple, on an adventure involving murder, blackmail, and a secret society of wealthy creeps. If I hadn’t seen the trailer, I would’ve assumed this was the wrong movie.  ...

The Powerful Message of “The Way Back”

“The Way Back” starring Ben Afflack

Jakelynn Credle, Staff Writer

June 1, 2020

Ben Affleck stars in the movie “The Way Back” as a man who has fallen from grace. Affleck plays Jack Cunningham, a divorced man who has lost his child to cancer which leads him to become an alcoholic.   “The Way Back” presents a fight for family and the need to make differences in...

“Animal Crossing: New Horizons” is the Game We All Need

My character and my residents celebrating the opening of our shop, “Nook’s Cranny.”

Paxton Coley, Managing Editor

May 6, 2020

On March 19, 2020, at about eleven o’clock, I pre-ordered “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” which was set to be released at midnight on the 20th. Little did I know I would be almost addicted to it and playing it at least once a day.   This game, made by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch,...

“100 Humans: Life’s Questions. Answered.” Gives a New Take on Brain Games

“100 Humans: Life’s Questions. Answered.” Gives a New Take on Brain Games

Janelle Camba, Editorial Assistant

April 28, 2020

In a time of quarantine and isolation, Netflix decided to release a psychological documentary series based on people in quarantine and isolation. “100 Humans: Life’s Questions. Answered.” is a show reminiscent of National Geographic’s “Brain Games,” but with a twist. As the name states, 100 humans...

A Critical Analysis of “The Platform,” a Gut-Wrenching Allegory

The slab descends into a purgatory-like area amidst a beam of light. Goreng, played by Iván Massagué, is collapsed on the left.. Zihara Llana, who played the girl, is on the right.

Sydney Haulenbeek, Editor in Chief

April 22, 2020

Note: Contains spoilers and details the plot of “The Platform”. This can be read without having seen the movie, but previous viewing contributes to the analysis.    “The Platform”, like many Netflix movies, has been among the many trailers at the top of the website before I see my lis...

Whipped Coffee Becomes the New Quarantine Snack

Whipped coffee: the final result.

Janelle Camba, Editorial Assistant

April 9, 2020

During our time in quarantine, many trends have taken the internet by storm in an attempt to keep everyone busy. More recently, people across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube popularized the recipe for whipped coffee. Always a skeptic, I decided to see if the whipped coffee trend was worth the hype. &n...

How the Coronavirus Has Impacted a High School Senior

The empty 100 hallway with the lights turned off during a weekend.

Sydney Haulenbeek, Editor in Chief

March 24, 2020

I squint at my computer, tab on an Economics study guide, before glancing up and out the front window of the store face. I’m lucky: I’m still employed despite how many stores have gone down, and I still have one of my jobs, deemed “essential,” even as I have been furloughed by the other. Lookin...

Love is Blind: The TV Show Social Experiment That Moves Too Fast

Photo via Netflix.

Jack Shupe, Staff Writer

March 17, 2020

Vanessa and Nick Lachey, a married couple, are the co-hosts of the new Netflix Original Series, “Love is Blind”. The premise of the show is that 15 men and 15 women are kept in the same building, but are not allowed to see each other. The only times that they are able to speak with each other are ...

Dear Worried and Scared

Dear Poppy design created by Sydney Haulenbeek.

Poppy, Advice Columnist

March 4, 2020

Dear Poppy,   A few days ago, I found out that my ex is coming to this high school. He goes to a different high school, but he's transferring here. To be honest with you, I'm not ready to see him. I tried my hardest to avoid him for all these months and he's coming back. He didn't harm me...

“To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You” Loses the Balance Between Drama and Romance


Janelle Camba, Editorial Assistant

February 25, 2020

In the summer of 2018, “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” was a smash hit among teens, prompting a sequel released February 12, 2020, and a third movie in the making. In the sequel, “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You,” Lara Jean is thrown into an entirely different love triangle and ...

Superintendent Spence Responds to Students Over Not Closing Schools

Superintendent Spence's quote of a Tallwood sophomore's Tweet concerning the amount of replies on @vbschool's Twitter announcement about the 2 hour delay on Friday, February 21.

Paxton Coley and Sydney Haulenbeek

February 24, 2020

Disclaimer: This piece reflects the views of the writers and not of The Treaty as a whole, its advertisers, or of Kempsville High School and all of its students and staff.   On Thursday, February 20, news stations across Hampton Roads predicted varying forecasts of five to eight inches of s...