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Get Out & Go Watch the New Dune II !

In March of 2024, the newly released Dune Part II once again captivated audiences with its foreign world as the power struggle continued in the desert planet Arrakis.
Sara Garcia, Senior Editior March 28, 2024

Dune Part II follows Paul Atreides on his journey of fighting against all odds to win back his titles and rights for his people. Dune has been marked as one of the most recognizable Sci-Fi from the novels...

Spring Athletes Did You Condition?

Sophia Ngo, Senior Editor March 28, 2024

There is no doubt that athletes have to put in their hours at the gym or on the track. If that is on or off season, the problem is many people don’t realize the importance of conditioning and the impact...

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The 2024 Vision for Thirfting

Sara Garcia, Senior Editior March 22, 2024

The art of thrifting has been mastered by very few. Thrifting has seen a jump in demand with the growth of social media. People have rushed to thrift stores looking for clothes that can be styled in a...

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Are AP classes worth it?

What should you do when AP classes come banging at your door? First, let’s get to the root of what these classes even entail…
Dahra Rexroad, Editor February 21, 2024

Advanced Placement classes are no joke, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re impossible to follow. Many high school students are intimidated by AP classes, so most tend to shy away from the opportunity...

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Does Virginia Beach need a high speed transportation system?

Dahra Rexroad, Editor February 20, 2024

With modern technology, cars and trains are not the only option for getting from here to there. The most well-known and commonly used transportation in urban areas are underground railway systems, such...

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The New World of Mean Girls

Sara Garcia, Senior Editior February 9, 2024

The world of Mean Girls was re-introduced to the world this January.  The new film was released as a musical and with a hint more of technology. Just like before, this new film brings laughter with comforting...

School on a snow day? Snow way! But its not really what you think...

School on a snow day? Snow way! But it’s not really what you think…

Asynchronous learning may be considered when snow days exceed just a few days
Dahra Rexroad, Editor December 11, 2023

You may be thinking, “Oh my god, my life is over! School’s taking away my childhood!” Rest assured. It is not.  John Torre, Executive Director of Communications for Fairfax County, stated in...

KHS Film Club Reaching New Heights

KHS Film Club Reaching New Heights

Sara Garcia, Senior Editor November 27, 2023

In the 2023-2024 year, Film Club is reaching for new heights and, for the first time, will be producing a short film.   This year the Film Club has multiple short film opportunities coming their...

A remarkable group of young women make their mark at Kempsville High School through the Women in Literature Club

Paytynn Ross, Editor November 27, 2023

Meet the passionate Women in Literature club members, a dynamic collective of women who come together to explore the vast world of written expression.   One of the primary objectives of the...

Ease Your Green Thumb with the Gardening Club

Dahra Rexroad, Editor November 16, 2023

“It's satisfying cleaning up the beds and planting new ones and seeing them grow,” states Kaia Griffon, a third year member of the Gardening Club.   The Gardening Club has been around since...

Kempsville High School Golf Team - 2023

The KHS Golf Team: Who are they and what do they do?

Erin Guy, Senior Editor November 16, 2023

Kempsville students may remember the beginning-of-year pep rally, when Kempsville sports teams ran out onto the field, including the golf team.  Mr. Morris took over the Kempsville High School golf...

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What’s New BSU?!

Joi Burgess, Editorial Assistant December 14, 2022

Kempsville’s Black Student Union is excited to announce their first official monthly newsletter! This newsletter will help keep you informed on fun events that BSU is holding throughout the month.   The...

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