The Treaty’s Editor-in-Chief Recognized as Student Journalist of the Year


Haulenbeek accepts the Colonel Charles E. Scholarship.

Janelle Camba, Editorial Assistant

Recently, the Virginia High School League, or VHSL, recognized Senior Sydney Haulenbeek as the Student Journalist of the Year. With this honor came the Colonel Charles E. Savedge Student Journalist Scholarship for $500 to the applicant’s college or university of choice. The scholarship is awarded to those who display leadership, writing skills, design aptitude, creativity, organization, and character in their work.


Haulenbeek showed these qualities in her passion for journalism. Acting as Editor-in-Chief of The Treaty, contributor to Kempsville’s Montage, editor and photographer for the yearbook, Image, and freelancer for Virginia Reports, she exudes writing in her everyday life.


Even in childhood, Haulenbeek had an interest in writing.


“When I was 10 or 11, I helped to produce a magazine and newsletter with my neighborhood friends, of which there are still messy copies floating around in my desk,” she said. “I recently rediscovered one, and it shocked me that I had forgotten about it!”


Her love for journalism has only grown since then, having written over 100 stories for “The Treaty.” Of these articles, her personal favorites consist of “Bathroom Beautification: a Passion Project that is Spreading Personal Growth”—which was featured on “Best of Sno”— and “Ms. Baker Spends Saturday Setting up ‘Be a Santa to a Senior.’”


Haulenbeek will go on to study communications and journalism at Old Dominion University. She expressed interest in being a part of Mace and Crown, ODU’s student news organization.


“I love ‘The Treaty’ dearly and I plan to be involved in whatever media outlets I can in college,” said Haulenbeek.


She hopes to continue writing outside of high school and make a career out of it.


“I think I may eventually end up doing format organization and writing for a magazine, or I may make my way back to newspaper staff; only time will tell,” said Haulenbeek.