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Something in the Water Lineup Announced at Kempsville High School

Something in the Water Lineup Announced at Kempsville High School

Sydney Haulenbeek, Editor in Chief December 12, 2019

Something in the Water is a music festival created by Virginia native, Pharrell Williams, that is held in Virginia Beach. This year, it will be from April 20-26, with concerts and music from the 24 to...

Album design for XXXTentacion’s Deluxe Anniversary Edition of ?.

XXXTentacion’s Posthumous “?” Deluxe is a Work of Art

Jakelynn Credle, Staff Writer September 30, 2019

On March 16, 2018, before his death, XXXTentacion released his album “?”. The album featured 18 songs with an interlude of his interpretation and explanation of the album. The interlude is “instructions,...

Melanie Martinez as her character Crybaby in the center, surrounded by background dancers during the choreography for “The Principal.

Social Issues and Strawberry Shortcake: Melanie Martinez’s “K-12”

Sydney Haulenbeek, Editor in Chief September 26, 2019

Melanie Martinez released her second album “K-12” on September 6, several years after her debut album, “Cry Baby”, which came out in August of 2015. During this break, she remained relatively silent...

IGOR: The Album of the Summer

“IGOR”: The Album of the Summer

Aaron Thomas, Sports Writer June 3, 2019

Tyler the Creator dropped his 6th studio album titled “IGOR”, on Friday, May 17, with strict rules about how to listen to his music.   He advised listeners on how to listen to “IGOR”...

There’s Something in the Water in Virginia Beach

There’s Something in the Water in Virginia Beach

Aaron Thomas, Sports Writer May 3, 2019

Last weekend, April 26 through 28, was an active one here in Virginia Beach as a music festival called Something in the Water drew in tourists. Something in the Water was hosted by musician Pharrell Williams,...

The cast behind the scenes in Rent: Live which aired Sunday, January 27, 2019  on FOX.

“Rent: Live”…or Not

Rhianna Rebholz, Staff Writer February 8, 2019

Rent is a Broadway musical that made its debut in 1996. It takes place in the East Village of New York City during the AIDS epidemic. It is a very well known show throughout the theater community, and...

K-Pop Enters Kempsville With New Club

K-Pop Enters Kempsville With New Club

Athena Zengewald, Staff Writer December 19, 2018

In Kempsville High School’s new K-Pop club, students of every grade have come together to share a common point of interest: music. This club’s first meeting was held on December 12, 2018, in room 407....

“We Belong to Them” A Review of Bohemian Rhapsody

“We Belong to Them” A Review of “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Skylar Tunstill, Staff Writer November 21, 2018

Remember the day, November 2nd, as the day that greatness in form of a film was born, a film that once watched will need to be seen again and again. 20th Century Fox just outdid themselves with the emotional...

Prepare your ears for Glory Sound Prep

Prepare your ears for “Glory Sound Prep”

Aaron Thomas, Sports Writer November 19, 2018

On November 9th, 2018 Jon Bellion dropped his 5th studio album titled “Glory Sound Prep”. This follows his late album “The Human Condition”, which was his best to date.   Bellion has...

Travis Scotts Astroworld Is a World of Its Own

Travis Scott’s “Astroworld” Is a World of It’s Own

Julius Bastien, Staff Writer November 15, 2018

After a five-year wait, Travis Scott’s Astroworld has finally dropped on August 3, 2018. It was Travis Scott’s second studio album, released by Cactus Jack records.   The album surprised...

Gerard Ways first solo album, Hesitant Alien, catches the public off guard.

Gerard Way – Hesitant Alien

Carolyn Pollock, Staff Writer November 10, 2014

Gerard Way has been nestled into my angst-y teenage heart for as long as I can remember, starting when he was the frontman of alternative rock band My Chemical Romance. Since Way’s debut as a musician...

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