There’s Something in the Water in Virginia Beach

Photos taken by Katie Darlington, journalism student.

Aaron Thomas, Sports Writer

Last weekend, April 26 through 28, was an active one here in Virginia Beach as a music festival called Something in the Water drew in tourists. Something in the Water was hosted by musician Pharrell Williams, who once attended Princess Anne High School and who wanted the event to be a tribute to his friend Chad Hugo, who graduated from Kempsville High School.


The festival was a huge hit and tickets sold out within the first hours of sales release, as artists such as Missy Elliott, Pusha T, and Travis Scott were listed on the lineup among the 25 musicians set to perform at the beach festival.


Many Kempsville students attended, describing Something in the Water as enjoyable, and a great time to enjoy the beach, people, and music. From now on, Virginia Beach is ‘open for business’.