K-Pop Enters Kempsville With New Club

Athena Zengewald, Staff Writer

In Kempsville High School’s new K-Pop club, students of every grade have come together to share a common point of interest: music. This club’s first meeting was held on December 12, 2018, in room 407.


The mission of K-Pop Club is to collect fans of K-Pop, or Korean pop music, in Kempsville and talk about what’s “in the now” in South Korea. Some of the activities include practicing the choreography from music videos, discussing upcoming fashion trends, and sharing celebrity gossip.


Many of the reasons club members are attracted to K-Pop is the community, music videos, and the inspiring fashion aspects.


“The community is just so welcoming and cozy!” said Ella Aussey, a freshman who listens to EXO, BTS, and TWICE.


Autumn Tyson, a freshman who has only recently gotten into K-Pop, fell in love with the contagious music and dancing in only a week.


“The beats of the songs just speak out. [They] make you move, and not having to know what they’re actually saying to [be able to] understand them is very cool,” Tyson said.


See Ms. Wilde, room 407, for more information on meetings.