Prepare your ears for “Glory Sound Prep”


Aaron Thomas, Sports Writer

On November 9th, 2018 Jon Bellion dropped his 5th studio album titled “Glory Sound Prep”. This follows his late album “The Human Condition”, which was his best to date.


Bellion has a different sound when it comes to his music. With sonic sounds and upbeat tempo, his art is genius. And as a producer and artist, Bellion is a dual threat.


The album cover art of Glory Sound Prep has a castle with ships carrying the viewer into the palace. It’s as if he taking us into his mind or what he thinks reality is to him. This was a step up from The Human Condition, as this album feels more personal. In the song “Stupid Deep” Bellion says “Because the hole inside my heart is stupid deep.” Through his music, he shows and talks about the emptiness in his heart, and how he deals with the feeling.


One of the next songs “The Internet” continues the conversation on the negative effect media of social media that he spoke about in his album“The Definition”. It also encourages people to step outside of their phone and find a real life in the world. Following “The Internet” is “Blu” which speaks about sinking in someone’s ocean. The album ends with a great song and feature from Quincy titled “Mah’s Joint”.


Personally, Bellion is one of my favorite artists to listen to. He brings hard drums and varied samples into his music. No song on Glory Sound Prep sounds the same as the last, which is rare in the music game. If you haven’t heard of Jon Bellion, I suggest listing to his old music such as  The Definition or The Human Condition before listening to this album.


Glory Sound Prep is available on Apple Music, Youtube, Spotify and SoundCloud.