Virginia Opera Performs “Oh Freedom” at KHS


Sydney Haulenbeek

The stage of “Oh Freedom.” Arthur Bosarge, pianist, prepares to perform.

Sydney Haulenbeek, Editor in Chief

On Tuesday, February 18 the Virginia Opera performed “Oh Freedom” for select 2A classes. 


The performance was one of the events organized by Ms. Kimberly Nurse for African American History Month. 


It was written specifically for the Virginia Opera for educational purposes, and it covered a timeline of African American history pertaining to the U.S. They introduced important figures such as Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr., and went through different genres that African Americans have shined in, such as spiritual music and jazz music. 


Singers Olivia Rominiyi and Andrew René added and removed stage costumes to suit the time period they were discussing while on stage, such as aprons and hats, and merged together historical recounting with short but powerful songs and a wide range of music. 


“This performance highlights the struggle of black Americans for freedom and civil rights,” said Rominiyi. 


The production concluded with “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” and audience members were encouraged to sing along, before opening the floor for a Q&A. 


Kempsville High School was the 31st school where “Oh Freedom” has been presented.