Kempsville Football Players Earn Scholarships After Win


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It’s no secret that the varsity football team’s recently won game brought new life to Kempsville High School. But the game also brought new opportunities for seniors Nicholas New and Raevon Gordon.


On the night of the famous streak breaking game, New received a scholarship from Concordia University of Nebraska. He believes not only his involvement in Kempsville’s winning game but also a consistent season of good blocks and catches earned him a scholarship. Not long after, Gordon was recruited by Morgan State University in Maryland and Virginia University of Lynchburg.


“I was absolutely speechless at first; then all of the emotions hit at once,” said New.


As for the two players’ futures, both have many directions to take. While New is waiting to finish basketball season before making any big decisions, he plans to attend college on a football scholarship. His choice will be made based on whichever option best suits his vision for the future.


No matter either of their decisions, New and Gordon have multiple opportunities in their upcoming football career.