Ms. Guckert, an Enthusiastic English Teacher


Nina Fountain

Ms. Taylor Guckert with her classroom in a cart. She doesn’t have an assigned classroom because she is a “floater” teacher, but that doesn’t keep her from carrying books around.

Ms. Taylor Guckert, an enthusiastic book-loving, 9th-grade English teacher has her own theories on English and how it makes students more successful in learning. 


“English asks students to question themselves, others, and the world around them,” she said, explaining that she feels English is an important life tool that allows students to look further in-depth into their situations.


 When Guckert was a student, she struggled with understanding what she read. Guckert felt that since she herself experienced struggles with English as a course, she could better help students understand the content. 


“What you see around you is not always what you should believe,” Guckert explained, saying that English allows students to dissect their world. 


Guckert is a “double duke” from James Madison University, having earned both her bachelor’s degree – in English and secondary education – and her Master of Arts in Teaching there. She is a new teacher to Kempsville High School this year, and currently a “floater”, as she doesn’t have a designated classroom and moves from room to room. 


Her love of English is reflected through one of her hobbies, reading. Her current favorite book is Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. She tries her best to bring her love for books and English into the classroom, hoping that she can encourage the same passion in her students.