ACT Allows Students to Improve Scores in Individual Sections


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On October 8, ACT revealed students will be able to retake single sections of the college admission test starting September 2020. This new option gives students the opportunity to improve on individual categories without retaking the entire exam.


The decision received positive feedback as it cheapens the cost to test again. Once the policy goes into action, students who retake sections of the exam will pay less than the standard $68 full retake fee. Students are also in favor of the change because it relieves the stress of having to take the whole exam only to improve on a single score.


“[It’s] much easier… [knowing] what part you need to work on,” says Dani Crumpton, a junior who plans to take the ACT.


However, some are concerned that wealthier students have the advantage of redoing sections multiple times. ACT Chief Commercial Officer, Suzana Delanghe, believes that to be an unlikely occurrence since most students retake once. Even still, ACT offers waivers to low-income families to retest up to two times with no fee.


Other changes are in the works for the ACT, and it is expected that soon students will have the chance to test online. Instead of the standard two-week wait for scores, test scores will be available within two days when digitally testing.


ACT’s new policies take into account the needs of the student, and hopefully, the decisions will pay off for the thousands nationwide who participate.