New Era and New Traditions: The Marching Band Marches Through the Halls


Students know what day it is when the marching band makes their rounds in the morning. The morning of the days that the varsity football team has a game the marching band drums up school spirit by playing songs in the hallways.


This new tradition originated when Mr. Brian Webb, the band director, suggested the idea. He was inspired by other schools who did similar activities for their home games, and so many students enjoyed the custom that administrators let the band play the morning of every game.


The response has been phenomenal, especially after Kempsville broke its six-year dry spell with a win last Friday. Teachers have said that they love watching the band pass through the halls to spread Chief pride. With the tradition building popularity, some people have even asked to walk behind the band as a gesture of support and enthusiasm.


“Hearing the band play [is a]… great way to wake up in the morning,” says Mrs. Kara Kimball, English teacher.

Janelle Camba


Perhaps this new era of football is connected to the band’s rallying of school spirit. Either way, Kempsville High School is overflowing with Chief pride and students are ecstatic for the team’s future.