Mrs. Snowden Joins the Math Department Teaching Algebra I


Mrs. Narquita Snowden is a new Algebra I teacher here at Kempsville High School and is currently teaching the first half of Algebra I. 


Snowden decided to teach this particular subject because, during college, she completed a mathematical internship and became interested in math. Over the years, she has developed the ability to help students in the field.


“I like math. It was one of the easier subjects for me in college, and over the years I have seemed to have the ability to get students to understand Algebra I and to pass it.”


Snowden also enjoys traveling. She plans on taking her daughter traveling for a senior trip and is considering India and South Korea. “I’ve been all around, but my goal is to get to Europe,” she said.


Snowden didn’t get into teaching the traditional way.  She graduated in December of 2001 with a minor in math. Her original career path was Information Technology in Computer Science.


“9/11 had just occurred, so the IT field wasn’t hiring, and I had a minor in math,” Snowden said. “[I] stayed in college for an extra semester and worked my way into the education field.”


Snowden’s goal during her teaching experience at Kempsville? For all of her students to become lifelong math learners and “have the confidence that they can accomplish anything in math.”