Dear Playing Games

Dear Poppy design created by Sydney Haulenbeek.

Dear Poppy design created by Sydney Haulenbeek.

Dear Poppy,


I need girl help! She keeps playing with me and is hurting my feelings; what should I do?


— Playing Games


Dear Playing Games, 


I’m going to open with something that might sting: if she’s playing games with you, she’s probably not as committed to you as you are to her. You don’t deserve that. If she’s not as invested in your relationship as you are, you might want to take a step back, and consider halting or ending the relationship. Commitment plays into trust, and if you can’t trust her with your emotions, you’ll likely never have a healthy, stable relationship. You need to think about what is best for you in this situation, and consider the thought that what’s best may be taking some time to yourself, or moving on from this relationship. You’re here, so obviously this is hurting you; please take that into consideration to keep from hurting yourself more in the future. A relationship shouldn’t be one person playing the other – it’s unhealthy for both parties, and you deserve better. There are so many other girls out there who are amazing and would treat you better than it sounds like this girl is. Don’t lower your self-worth for her; she’s not worth it!


A lot of times, when people play games, it’s because they just want the attention and they know you’re giving it to them. It’s a self-obsessed way of living that people from both genders do, and sometimes they might not even notice they’re doing it. Talk to her about it, and consider the hiatus I mentioned. If it doesn’t work out, find a girl who is good for you and that you have a healthy, mutually beneficial relationship with, where you’re both equally committed to each other.  



      Poppy <3