Dear Funny One

Dear Poppy design created by Sydney Haulenbeek.

Dear Poppy design created by Sydney Haulenbeek.

Dear Poppy,


Ok, so I’m in this relationship with a female. We text and FaceTime all the time. I like her a lot…like a lot more than a lot. BUT we can’t ever hang out! I do a sport, so I don’t have too much time and she can only go out and have fun a few times a week. How can we find a way to hang out?? Also, how would I know if I’m annoying her with texts or calling her too much? I think she’s too nice to actually tell me if I’m annoying. Lastly, what are some cheap date/hang out ideas? Not the cringey ones, but some cheap fun ways to spend time with a girl. Thanks in advance.


— The Funny One


Dear Funny One,


I feel you; I feel like I never have time to hang out with anyone either! First off, remember this: the sport will end. I do many activities through school as well and am always busy, but the reward and sense of fulfillment at the end is amazing. Once that sport ends, you’ll hopefully have more time. Up until then, find the time! Work around your sport, and hang out during lunch. You’ll have awkward mornings or pieces of weekends or weekdays off – I know how messy sports schedules can get – so try and take advantage of those to spend time together. 


As for the second part of your question, you will probably never know what she’s thinking unless you directly ask. Women are difficult to figure out sometimes. If she likes you like you like her, you need to trust that she likes talking to you and doesn’t at all find you annoying. The fact that you’re in a relationship with her is a good sign of this: women tend to stray away from people that they find irritating, or “too much.” If you feel like you’re pestering her, or that you’re bothering her, talk to her about it. She might just not want to receive hourly texts – some people need their space!


Finding cheap dates is a bit hard, but think about the things you do with your friends, and consider doing them with her. A lot of inexpensive dates are mostly talking and enjoying each other’s company, so try just taking her out to coffee, as cliche as it sounds. In the spring, you can walk around, and go to the beach or take her to a park. Before it gets cold, you could take her on a walk to go look at the leaves. Once it’s cold, ice skating! Find her interests and target them: maybe she likes thrifting or plants, and you could take her to a farmer’s market. Some movie theaters (like Cinema Cafe) do $5 days. Set up an indoor picnic. Find a project you can work on together. Try asking her; maybe she has expectations in mind! Either way, you can always find little, easy, cheap things, and coupons are everywhere! You just have to look. I hope everything goes well!



      Poppy <3