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Why You Shouldn’t Watch Netflix’s Biopic “Blonde”

Tina Idibouo, Staff Writer November 3, 2022

Netflix’s new biopic "Blonde" has received a lot of backlash for its depiction of Marilyn Monroe. "Blonde,” written and directed by Andrew Dominik, focuses on the famous actress Marilyn Monroe and...

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Peter Parker Swings Back Into Theaters in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

Tina Idibouo, Staff Writer January 10, 2022

*Spoiler warning for Spider-Man: Far From Home. No spoilers for No Way Home*   “Spider-Man: No Way Home” is a film that has been talked about non-stop since its release. Ever since the trailer...

“Moxie”: An Empowering Take On Feminism

“Moxie”: An Empowering Take On Feminism

Savanna Crawford, Editorial Assistant March 15, 2021

*Slight Spoiler Warning*   Trigger Warning: Mentions of Rape and Sexual Assault   Just in time for Women’s History Month, Netflix has released a movie called “Moxie,” which...

The “little women” in Little Women: Jo and her sisters. Photo credit attributed to Sony.

“Little Women” is Sensational, Heartwarming, and Motivational

Jakelynn Credle, Staff Writer January 16, 2020

Greta Gerwig’s “Little Women” was a sensational, heartwarming, and motivational film. As I watched this movie, I saw young love bloom, teenage heartbreak, the power of being a strong family, and...

Netflix’s “Klaus” is Memorable and Unique

Netflix’s “Klaus” is Memorable and Unique

Alexis Waters, Staff Writer December 19, 2019

If you’ve ever been flipping through the channels on cable TV, you’ve probably seen one advertisement for a holiday movie filled with at least a dozen cliches. Thankfully, Netflix’s new movie “Klaus”...

Photo by Brooke Palmer for Netflix.

“The Knight Before Christmas” is a Modern Classic

Cate Benedict, Staff Writer December 12, 2019

As Christmas grows closer, it’s only expected to see more movies based on the holiday. "The Knight Before Christmas", released on November 21, 2019, on Netflix and directed by Monika Mitchell, is a modern...

Melanie Martinez as her character Crybaby in the center, surrounded by background dancers during the choreography for “The Principal.

Social Issues and Strawberry Shortcake: Melanie Martinez’s “K-12”

Sydney Haulenbeek, Editor in Chief September 26, 2019

Melanie Martinez released her second album “K-12” on September 6, several years after her debut album, “Cry Baby”, which came out in August of 2015. During this break, she remained relatively silent...

Avengers: Infinity War - the Game Changing Avengers Movie

Avengers: Infinity War – the Game Changing Avengers Movie

Sydney Haulenbeek, Business Manager and Staff Writer May 14, 2018

Warning! Spoilers. Not detailed, but still heavily present.   Avengers: Infinity War isn’t a movie for a casual Marvel fan, nor someone who isn’t fully caught up in all the going-on’s...

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