“Little Women” is Sensational, Heartwarming, and Motivational


The “little women” in Little Women: Jo and her sisters. Photo credit attributed to Sony.

Jakelynn Credle, Staff Writer

Greta Gerwig’s “Little Women” was a sensational, heartwarming, and motivational film. As I watched this movie, I saw young love bloom, teenage heartbreak, the power of being a strong family, and pushing through tough times. I felt every ounce of emotion for the March family. Having never read the book, I thought “Little Women” would be an old setting movie with no humor or emotion, and only pain during the war. But in reality, “Little Women” showed hope and the growth of a family during dark times in their everyday life, and the change from being a “little woman” to a grown woman. “Little Women” will make you cry, if not during the movie, then at the very end.


“Little Women” takes place after the Civil War but flashes back between memories of Jo March’s time living with her family during the Civil War. Jo is a sister of four exceptional women, all who grow up with their father at war and a mother at home who taught them to be happy and give to people in need. In the beginning, we are introduced to Laurie, a young grandson who (just like Jo) is not into the elegancy and partying, as well as the myth that you have to marry to be successful. Laurie tries throughout the movie to show all he can give and change for himself to be worthy of Jo. 


With the love story being more complicated than it sounds, viewers also see the strength of the family through flashbacks while Jo travels back to her family from New York years later for family business. Jo shows strength in being there for her family during tough times and loss. She is a young writer inspiring to do something with her own future instead of following everyone else’s example of getting married to the richest man and providing her family with someone else’s money. Jo persevered and wrote her own book based on her whole life, with her experiences that she loved and had to learn from. 


“Little Women” is a gorgeous production with motivational backing, and it encourages all women to fulfill their dreams despite gender stereotypes that attempt to dictate what women can do. Jo shows throughout the movie that gender stereotypes should not limit women in the pursuit of their dreams and counters the idea of marrying because of the loss of freedom. I recommend anyone with passion and commitment to see this movie for inspiration.