Why You Shouldn’t Watch Netflix’s Biopic “Blonde”


Photo via netflix.com

Tina Idibouo, Staff Writer

Netflix’s new biopic “Blonde” has received a lot of backlash for its depiction of Marilyn Monroe. “Blonde,” written and directed by Andrew Dominik, focuses on the famous actress Marilyn Monroe and her rise to fame. It is important to note that this film is based on Joyce Carol Oates’s novel “Blonde,” which is a biographical work of fiction.


“Blonde” introduces its viewers to another distasteful representation of Marilyn Monroe. An aspect of this film that occurs a lot is the sexualizing of their Monroe caricature. There are a lot of scenes in this movie that show the character topless or performing sexual acts that do nothing for the viewer except maybe make them uncomfortable. The film also portrays Monroe’s affair with John F. Kennedy, the U.S president at the time, even though this was only a rumor and not confirmed.


The unnecessary nudity in this film isn’t its only problem; it’s also important to note that the film’s depiction of Monroe shows her simply as a helpless victim. I truly believe that part of the film’s goal was to reduce Monroe to a crying, topless, and vulnerable individual. These are simply characteristics of the character they were trying to depict.


I understand that there is a lot that goes into writing and directing; however, I believe there were many different ways you could show Monroe’s life in a more preferable manner, such as by highlighting her awards like her Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a more positive way. Yet, this film feels as though it is reducing Marilyn Monroe to just her trauma, which adds to its unpleasantness.


Some may argue that Ana de Armas, the actress of Marilyn Monroe, did an adequate job of portraying a parody of Monroe. In spite of that, I believe that if the writer/director wanted to create a film about a famous Hollywood star sleeping with multiple men, he could’ve just done that; what Andrew Dominik did was attach Monroe’s name to some fantasy.


This film did nothing but misrepresent Monroe, and if you have not already seen it, I strongly recommend you keep it that way. This film is 2 hours and 46 minutes of boring nonsense. I 100% believe that nobody should watch this film and that you would gain literally nothing by watching it.