Love Our Tribe Day 2020

On Wednesday, February 5, about 200 parents came to Kempsville High School to participate in “Love Our Tribe Day.” This allowed parents to join their child in every class as it was also a C day. Parents were able to learn more about what their children experience every day in the halls of high school, from teachers to friends to the plethora of classwork and assignments given every day. 


“It’s different,” says Jennie Rose Touchton, a sophomore whose mother joined her through the day, “I don’t act the same when my mom’s around.”


For Nicola Touchton, Jennie Rose’s mom, it was enlightening and helped her figure out what Jennie excelled in as well as struggled. “I know her pretty well. She needs to pay attention more sometimes.”


Overall, it was a fun day full of parents getting to know the people in the everyday lives of their high schoolers and seeing the environment that makes up Kempsville High School.