The Treaty

Casper discussed her struggles with identity in the Black community.

The Weight of the N-Word: A BSU Trill Talk

Janelle Camba, Editor in Chief February 26, 2021

On February 18, the Black Student Union held an in-depth trill talk about the N-word and its history. Panelists Chavito Allen, Frida Almaguer, Mary Casper, Cam Hyde, and Evan Nied, along with host Jada...

Blunt favored the class rank system.

Students Weigh in on Class Ranking System

Sara Riley Kight, Staff Writer January 11, 2021

Beginning with the class of 2022, Kempsville’s current juniors, Virginia Beach City Public Schools will be doing away with the traditional high school class ranking system. Instead, the school system...

“I think this is a really good experiment to see what the future of learning could potentially look like. But at the same time I love school and being in the classroom (especially math class!) so I’d always take in person learning over online learning,” Andre Mas, 17, said in regards to taking online classes.

Students Respond to Adjusted AP Exams

Mylynn Hopper, Staff Writer April 29, 2020

Due to the current issues concerning COVID-19, gathering in large groups has been one of the prominent safety hazards that many facilities have been instructed to take in order to prevent the spread of...

“Right now, I realize that school dominates most of my time. Most people would say school, but I don’t want that to be my most important thing. I want to focus more on my spiritual side, because I feel like I’ve been putting that on the back burner because of school, so I want my most important thing to be God and I’m working towards that,” Jada Jones said. Jones, 17, wants the most important aspect of her life to be her connection with religion and not school.

The Stress of Success: How School Affects Students’ Health

Mylynn Hopper, Staff Writer March 31, 2020

Imagine having to study for an important test for math. The grade from this test could greatly impact the overall grade in the class. However, a paper must also be written for English, due in the near...

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