How Students Cope with Quarantine

Janelle Camba, Editor in Chief

When school was cut short, students celebrated an early summer. However, no one considered the drawbacks of a quarantined vacation. Instead of hanging out with friends at the mall, teens settled for binge watching TV shows from the comfort of their own bed.


While self-isolation safeguarded physical health, the same couldn’t be said for mental health. Being forced inside and separated from friends sparked an emotional decline for many students.


“At times, I felt alone and I got really tired for no reason at all,” said Sean Kirkpatrick, a senior.


Others used the six months of quarantine to reflect. Doriana Quintana Torres, a senior, looked inward for motivation.


“At first, I was a little sad and didn’t feel like doing anything, but then I started getting… really active,” said Quintana Torres. “I’ve gotten happier with my life and… evaluated myself.”


Knowing this was her final year at Kempsville High School, Quintana Torres stayed motivated. Pandora George, a senior, found value in her friendships and hobbies.


“I think the few interactions I’ve had as well as [Twitch] streaming have really kept me going,” said George.


Similarly, Kirkpatrick also relied on friends and family to brighten his mood. However, keeping contact proved difficult.


“[Virtual communication] feels a lot more detached and less personal.”


With school back in session, mental health should be a major concern. To relieve additional stress, students discovered ways to combat the negative effects of quarantine. Kirkpatrick took up hobbies such as gaming and watching Youtube videos. Others found solace in quieter pastimes.


“I paint and bake,” said Quintana Torres. “It’s very therapeutic for me.”


As the school adjusts to these unprecedented times, students look to each other for support and guidance.


“[The] best advice I have is that you need to keep going and pushing,” said George.


Kirkpatrick advised, “Find ways to relax and destress. Pick up hobbies and crafts, things to keep your mind off of everything.”