The Powerful Message of “The Way Back”


“The Way Back” starring Ben Afflack

Ben Affleck stars in the movie “The Way Back” as a man who has fallen from grace. Affleck plays Jack Cunningham, a divorced man who has lost his child to cancer which leads him to become an alcoholic.


“The Way Back” presents a fight for family and the need to make differences in other’s lives, even when the person trying to make a difference has hit rock bottom. This movie shows how addiction can be fought by surrounding yourselves with others.


I would rate this movie a five out of five stars and would recommend anyone having a hard time battling addiction or stuck through depression to see this movie and feel the impact I felt as well while watching this movie. During this movie, the producers presented that even at rock bottom, when lost in the dark, there are many people surrounding that person with light.


During the movie, there were many scenes of compassion and life lessons for the high school boys basketball team. When the boys always had issues at home or working to win their basketball games, each boy and the coach begin strong bonds with lessons in life and discipline. This movie has many prime examples that adults go through just as much and maybe more than the average teen and anything can help those individuals.


Many tears, smiles, and powerful speeches throughout this movie show addiction fighting is worth the pain for the light at the end of the tunnel.