Providence Square Grill: The New Kid on the Block

Providence Square Grill, a new locally owned restaurant added to Providence Square Shopping Center, is doing serious business. Filled by after-church crowds on Sunday afternoons for an early lunch and packed with Kempsville-area families on weekday evenings for dinner, the restaurant proves to be a worthwhile addition to the shopping center.

Not only is the food affordable, but the hospitality of the staff and cleanliness of the dining area give the grill an inviting, pleasant feeling. We plan on returning and when we do, we will be sure to try the Garlic Bread as an appetizer and the Cheeseburger and Chicken Breast- Filled Pita Stuff as entrees. We recommend Providence Square Grill when craving a home-cooked meal, or looking for a variety of food that every member of the family will enjoy.

We walked up to the family grill, stomachs rumbling for food. After stepping inside from the cold December rain, the atmosphere of the restaurant proved warm and welcoming. Christmas decorations led the way from the door to our booth. We were promptly seated next to the attention-grabbing Christmas tree in the corner. We immediately began scanning our menus, eager to see what was in store.

A waitress came to our booth in minutes taking our drink order and providing us with complimentary rolls and crackers. Upon the arrival of our drinks, our waitress recommended that we try the hot spinach and artichoke dip. The appetizer came atop a bed of lettuce accompanied by pita bread slices and vegetables. The hot, cheesy dip was highly enjoyable as we contemplated entrée choices. When we finally reached a decision, one of us selected the Chicken Tenders Basket while the other chose the Tuna Melt. Both came with homemade French fries and a pickle spear.

The chicken tenders came first. The tenders were a little overcooked, but the chicken’s seasoning and overall flavor made up for it. The homemade fries were definitely the best part of the entrée. They were tasty, yet not overpowered by salt. The fries didn’t seem as fattening and greasy as those provided by fast food chains. The honey mustard was a perfect compliment for both the fries and the chicken tenders.

The tuna melt followed a few short minutes after the tenders, and the heaping portion surprised us both. The tuna was generously piled on toasted bread, steamy provolone cheese slipped between each scoop of fish. The addition of tomato and lettuce to the melt added a cool and refreshing taste to an otherwise hot and steamy sandwich. Like the tenders, a side of fries and a pickle spear accompanied the entrée. The pickle was tangy, and its salty juices poured over the sandwich each bite, adding a piquant flavor.

The hard part came next: choosing a dessert from the restaurant’s impressive selection at the front entrance. The choices included regular and pumpkin cheesecake, chocolate cakes, carrot cake, assorted scones, pies, and muffins. We eventually decided to give the pumpkin cheesecake a chance. Too full to eat it on the spot, we left Providence Square Grill with three take-out boxes in hand; one holding  the cheesecake, one holding the spinach artichoke dip, and the other holding half of the tuna melt sandwich.

The overall experience was made better by the waitress. She treated us like family and made us feel comfortable during our first visit. She quickly noticed when we needed refills without us even having to ask and provided excellent service. Because of the effectiveness of the staff and taste of the food, we gave Providence Square Grill 4.5 out of 5 stars. We are eager and feel almost invited to return.