Pete’s Deli & Grill: Classic Tunes, Classic Taste


Destini Harrell & Katherine Moss, Staff Writers

Pete’s Deli and Grill is discreetly tucked between a nail salon and a Nationwide office location. Overshadowed by big names in the shopping center, Pete’s is easily overlooked by many. Doing steady business on a weekday afternoon, it’s safe to say that Pete’s will be around for a while. The food is well-priced for the portions provided and the staff works hard ensure a good experience for all. We are excited to return, and when we do, we’ll be sure to try diner favorites like the chicken Philly cheesesteak and ¼ lb. all-beef hot dog. We recommend Pete’s Deli and Grill when craving all-American cookout classics with a side of hospitality.

Strolling up to locally-owned Pete’s Deli and Grill on a warm and sunny day, the smell of fresh burgers and hotdogs from inside the restaurant filled the air like a cloud. A three-foot sign right outside the doors greeted us with daily specials. Upon entering the quaint and cute deli, we were shocked to see how spacious the restaurant really was. Welcoming canvas art pieces that would likely be seen in Mom’s kitchen cluttered the walls and made us feel at home.

Our eyes were immediately drawn to the lengthy lunch counter on the left side of the restaurant; it served as a border between the rectangular-shaped kitchen and the rest of the restaurant, which was scattered with tables and chairs. The Beach Boys blared over the speakers, setting the mood for the classic Deli and Grill.

After scanning the menu, we were pleasantly surprised to see so many options offered. We debated amongst ourselves, stuck between two or three dishes each. We each finally came to a conclusion: one of us decided on the New York Hot Sausage with a side of onion rings while the other ordered the Cheeseburger Combo, complete with a side of fries and a beverage.

The New York Hot Sausage arrived steaming with a fresh-off-the-grill look. The sausage had a great smoky flavor that was reminiscent of a summer cookout with the family. The accompanying onion rings were crispy and delicious, a perfect side for the sausage.

The cheeseburger and fries came next. The burger came topped with crisp, cool lettuce; firm, tangy onions; juicy, sweet tomatoes; and a thick layer of creamy mayonnaise. The hearty slab of beef was encased in a sesame seed sprinkled bun and dripped hot American cheese. The fries were served crinkle-style and appeared to be tossed in a harmonious variety of seasonings; they were split between the two of us and paired perfectly with a side of ketchup.

We ate slowly, enjoying both our food and the music. The two employees checked on us every ten minutes or so, making sure we were content. We were tempted to purchase one of Pete’s homemade desserts, but decided against it; the food we ordered satisfied our hunger adequately. We each paid, and left the Deli and Grill with only a ten dollar bill missing from each of our wallets. Welcomed by the heat of the sun upon our exit, we labeled the restaurant as a summer hot-spot, one we’d come back and visit to enjoy cookout favorites as well as cool, carbonated drinks.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was most memorable to us; the old-fashioned feeling was casual, yet eclectic and unique. The workers made us feel as if we were regulars who popped into on a weekly basis. The family friendly menu and prices make Pete’s a treat for all ages and occasions. The good food made up for any lack of polish, causing us to give Pete’s Deli and Grill 4 out of 5 stars. The classic American feel and variety of foods found at a family cookout are sure to satisfy our summertime cravings.