“Dusk:” An Emotional EP

Pandora George, Staff Writer

On October 1, Mxmtoon, also known as Maia, released her new EP:“Dusk.” The EP showcases seven songs and features pop singer Carly Rae Jepsen. While some may prefer the slow, mellow beats this EP provides, many more can agree that it sends a lot of messages about relationships, introvertedness, and other somber feelings.


“bon iver” and “ok on your own” both take on relationships, however, from two different standpoints. The first talks about Maia missing someone she loves dearly and describes passing the time by listening to the band “Bon Iver” whilst driving. I like this one because it makes me think of that special person in my life. “ok on your own,” my personal favorite, discusses leaving a relationship in which the other person is using the connection as a method to help rebuild themselves. The song shows how Maia feels used and insists that their relationship isn’t necessarily over.


The third song, “myrtle ave.,” follows Maia adoring someone “wearing that ripped t-shirt on Myrtle Avenue.” She also mentions how when everyone around her is so harsh and mean, her special someone is always kind and supportive. The person she is singing about is almost idolized and seen as perfect to Maia, most likely because they helped her out of rough spots. This is a song for those best friends who always have each other’s backs and stand up for one another.


The next song, “wallflower,” explores Maia wanting not to be noticed as much, whether it be from her music or otherwise. She misses how things were when it was just her and her friends. This song makes me sad, yet I feel a strange connection to it. Many people, including myself, dream of fame but don’t consider the awful burdens it comes with.


The last song on the EP, “first,” discusses a break up. Maia laments about how obvious it was that her relationship wouldn’t work, yet she seems to still miss her partner. She makes many allusions to this being the end of a chapter and how the relationship was needed for them to grow as people. This is definitely for people who have gone through a break up. It may sound mean, but it helped me realize that sometimes these things have to happen and that you can learn from this experience.


All in all, this EP is a masterpiece when it comes to conveying emotions and sending positive messages. I not only recommend this EP, but all of mxmtoon’s music. While she gained fame for “prom dress” on TikTok, all of her music conveys wonderful messages in beautiful, articulate ways.