“Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” Recreates “Wipeout”



Pandora George, Staff Writer

4 star“Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” is a new battle royale game that has quickly grabbed many gamers’ attention. A battle royale is a game in which a large group of players compete to be the last player or group of players remaining. The game, created by Devolver, works in a gameshow style format in which one player or a group of up to four players can team up to win an “episode.”


The game takes a lot of inspiration from the television show, “Wipeout.” The real difference is that instead of contestants going one at a time, they all run at once in a variety of wacky minigames.


Players can run and jump, like in most games. However, they can also dash to make it across bigger gaps or get an extra bit of distance. Players can also grab others to hinder their performance or even make them fall. The control’s simplicity helps make the gameplay even more enjoyable.


Players get whittled down by playing a variety of minigames ranging from team challenges to survival games to races. The team games set a common goal like in “Fall Ball,” a match of soccer with balls twice the size of the player. In survival games like “Jump Club,” players must avoid obstacles to stay in the match. “Slime Climb,” a racing game, forces players to endure an uphill climb whilst avoiding rising slime, obstacles, and the other racers.


On top of the variety of players, there is also a large amount of customizations. You can earn new items by progressing through the game. Players can also buy cosmetics from the shop using a currency obtained when playing games. The game even allows players to customize avatars’ color, pattern, emotes, and outfits like a pigeon or a hot dog.


The game can be difficult at times, whether it be people who get in the way or difficult game design, but its bright colors and daffy soundtrack are extremely entertaining. It provides a challenge that is new every time you load into a new match. This game is, simply put, easy to “fall” in love with.