KHS Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week


Photo credit to @mammaboubou on Twitter.

The administration serving lunch to teachers by way of a drive through constructed alongside the school.

Sydney Haulenbeek, Editor in Chief

Schools may be closed but that hasn’t stopped VBCPS – or Kempsville High School – from celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week, which spans from May 4 through 8. 


Kempsville’s Entrepreneurship and Business Acadamy posted #thankateacher on their Twitter account, @KempsAcademy, where they have made it possible for students and parents to send teachers, coaches, or any KHS staff member a letter of appreciation through a Google Form.  


On National Teacher Appreciation Day, Tuesday, May 5, Kempsville administration bought Jason’s Deli (and cupcakes) to go to teachers through a temporary drive-through at the school building.  


“Cried tears of joy when I got a glimpse of our special admin team!” said English teacher Mary “BouBou” Boubouheropoulos on Twitter on Tuesday. “Thanks for the teacher appreciation lunch to go!”


“Happy Teacher Appreciation to all the teachers @KHS_Chiefs!” Principal Melissa George said on Twitter. “We are so blessed to have such an amazing group of teachers who are dedicated to students! We celebrate you today and every day. You are the unsung heroes during this time!”


You can write a note thanking a teacher or staff member here.