How School Shutdown Affects Bus Drivers

Paxton Coley, Managing Editor

Bus drivers are essential to daily school life. Without them, many students would never be at school on time, if at all. During this unprecedented shut down of schools, bus drivers are being affected just as much mentally and emotionally as students and teachers. 


“This is a first for me,” said Lisa Hathaway, who has driven for 16 years and currently drives for Arrowhead Elementary, Kempsville Elementary, Larkspur Middle School, and Kempsville High School. “I have never experienced anything more than a couple of days out for either a hurricane or snow.”


Hathaway said, “Contracted drivers are being paid their regular contracted hours, so, thankfully, I am not financially affected by this time we are out.” 


She said the hardest part about all of this is not seeing her kids every day. 


“I truly miss ‘my kids.’ I miss the excitement of proms and graduations. I miss the conversations shared over SOL’s and the celebrations when we learn they have been passed. I miss the sweet smiles and conversations with the parents and grandparents I get to see daily as well,” Hathaway said. “I truly do miss driving my bus. Sounds crazy, I know, but it’s just a part of who I am I guess.”


Hathaway shared how “blessed” she feels she is to drive in her own neighborhood so she actually sees many of her kids playing and her high schoolers working around town.