Students Talk About Their Role Models for National Mentoring Month


Janelle Camba

Asia Tonia stands with her mentor, Ms. Beverly Baker.

Since 2002, National Mentoring Month has encouraged the mentoring of America’s youth. The Harvard School of Public Health, MENTOR, and the Corporation for National and Community Service all have worked to promote the guidance of the new generation so they can create a better future. MENTOR hosted special mentor related events over social media and created a website meant to find mentors for interested students.


This year, students and staff alike have taken the message to heart. Miranda Ramos, a junior,  sees her past Biology teacher and current Interact Club coordinator, Ms. Allison Heischober, as someone to look up to. Her positivity and organization are two aspects Ramos admires and strives to take on as well.


“[Heischober’s] the best biology teacher out there,” says Ramos. “She’s so funny and makes learning fun.”


Asia Tonia, a junior, found a similar bond with Ms. Beverly Baker, a Kempsville High School security assistant. Baker often helps Tonia by giving helpful advice on everyday struggles. Her optimistic outlook brings light to Tonia’s day.


“[Baker is] like a second mother to me,” says Tonia.


National Mentoring Month is an opportunity for students to reach out to school faculty and form connections that will last a lifetime. At such a young age, students benefit from learning from healthy role models. Mentors might even be surprised by what their students can teach them.


Baker knows this lesson all too well as Tonia has brought her fair share of knowledge. She considers Tonia to be a model student who goes above and beyond in both academics and sports. Baker believes Tonia’s positive attitude shines through in her connection with students and staff.


“Asia has taught me to be calm and quiet and really listen to others,” says Baker.


Ramos and Tonia benefited greatly from their mentor experiences and in turn, taught Heischober and Baker some lessons along the way. Students like them are beginning their journey to adulthood and often need guidance. Ramos believes having someone to lean on can make all the difference.


“I think everyone should be open to having a mentor,” advises Ramos.