EBA Student Starts Nonprofit to Plant Trees in Kempsville Area and Beyond


Sydney Haulenbeek

Evan Nied handing out saplings to departing Kempsville students at the end of the day on December 13 as part of his Planting Shade mission

Paxton Coley, Managing Editor

In Kempsville’s Entrepreneurship and Business Academy students work to start and build their own businesses. Sophomore Evan Nied, however, has already started, and been running, a flourishing nonprofit called Planting Shade.


“My goal is to plant as many trees as possible,” says Nied, highlighting the goals of the organization. “We’ve planted 60 so far, and we’ve given 290 away. We’re planning to plant about 1,000 in March. We’re also trying to start a Richmond chapter, which is going really well.”


From December 16 to 20, Planting Shade, along with EBA volunteers, handed out free trees for students to plant at their own homes.


“We handed out 200 trees. They were long-leaf pines.” Nied continued. “I started this because of my love for the environment.”


On Twitter, Kempsville Academy applauded Nied, saying:  “We are so #EBAProud of Evan and all the work that he does in and outside of the walls of Kempsville. He is truly changing the world and making it a better place!”


More information on Planting Shade can be found at https://plantingshade.org/