Kempsville’s BSU hosts Bahamas Disaster Relief Collection Drive


With help from the Caribbean People Organization Inc., the Black Student Union conducted a “Bahamas Disaster Relief” donation drive at Kempsville High School. From September 11-27, the BSU collected disaster relief supplies varying from hygiene products to canned food for the survivors of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas.


Hurricane Dorian was the strongest hurricane on record to hit the Bahamas and one of the strongest Atlantic hurricanes on record. The September 2019 storm caused extensive flooding that damaged homes and infrastructure on the northwest islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama, as well as caused widespread power outages. Once it made landfall on Sept. 1, it hovered over the country for more than 48 hours. All the while, it caused storm surges and wind damage, decimating parts of the archipelago.


Students and teachers alike worked together to get the word out and donate items for the survivors. In order to encourage donations, Ms. Margaret Felts, a government teacher, accepted supplies in her room and carried them down to 109. Room 109, which is Ms. Kim Nurse’s room, was open through lunch for students to stop by to drop off any household supplies to assist in the re-building of the Bahamas. 


After donations closed, there were noticeable supplies building up in Nurse’s classroom. She said that the Caribbean People Organization Inc. asked her to hold the supplies received due to having received so many donations that the unit they were holding them in was already full. She ended up having to wait until the weekend to get everything boxed up and sent to the Bahamas, as they received more donations than anticipated, totaling in 22 barrels contributed by Kempsville.