Ms. Mounce on Having Voice and Choice

Janelle Camba, Staff Writer

In the mind of a student, the words “class” and “boring” are synonymous. However, Mrs. Mounce, a new English teacher, is ready to bring life into her lessons.


From an early age, literature played a large role in her education. Her passion for English ultimately drove her career choices. Throughout her high school experience,  Mounce’s teachers invested in her future and, now, she wants to return the favor.


After three years of teaching at Green Run, Mounce has learned to take an innovative approach to education. She encourages students to see English in a different light by incorporating technology into her lesson plans. Her teaching style allows students to integrate their passions into English assignments.


 “I like [students] to have more voice and choice,” Mounce said.


A Kempsville student born and raised, Mounce recognizes how spirited the community of Kempsville is. In fact, her favorite part of teaching is working with students because they bring liveliness to English class. Her only complaint is not being able to be everywhere at once. Mounce wishes she could “clone [herself] and make [herself] available to [her] students 24/7” in order to aid everyone.


Her parting words to anyone pursuing a teaching degree is to just give it a try. And most importantly, a teacher should be passionate about their craft and working with kids. Having spent most of her life reading books, her love of literature truly shines through in her classroom.