Surfrider Foundation Opens Club at Kempsville


Paxton Coley

Pamphlets Ms. Therese Whitehurst, a Chemistry teacher who started the Surfrider Foundation at Kempsville handed out on September 13 to educate students about the use of plastic and protecting the environment.

Paxton Coley, Editor

The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit environmental organization whose mission is to protect and preserve the world’s oceans and beaches.


“I have been involved with Surfrider Foundation for about 17 years,” said Ms. Therese Whitehurst, a Chemistry teacher who has started the independent chapter at Kempsville. “I got involved through the no oil drilling campaigns and the different events at the Oceanfront.”

Paxton Coley
One of the stickers handed out to spread awareness of the Surfrider Foundation.

Though the foundation is based out of Huntington, California, Virginia is actually the largest donor, largely due to selling license plate frames. “I bought the license plate tags for my car and it started affecting how I would vote in certain issues, and I got very involved in beach cleanups,” Whitehurst said. 


As for her goals here at Kempsville, Whitehurst was very open about wanting change. “I would love to see us impact our culture of how we use plastics,” she said. “I’m not saying don’t get McDonald’s, but maybe we could go without the lid and straw. You could choose not to use the plastic bag at a store or to not go to a restaurant that uses styrofoam containers.”


The Surfrider Foundation Club is planning to join the local organization for a beach cleanup in October as well as wanting to accomplish an independent cleanup, open to all of Kempsville, in the future.