Kempsville Girls Varsity Ends Season at the Scope Arena


Photo from @KempsvillehsSAC

Aaron Thomas, Sports Writer

As the buzzer sounded at the Norfolk Scope Arena on February 23, 2019, it encapsulated a season of success by Kempsville’s girls varsity team. The team fell short of a state title game, losing to Hampton 56 – 47 on Saturday. This wasn’t what Coach Moore and his team were hoping for, but the achievements of the team were still a big step in the history of Kempsville’s basketball program.  


This year the team began by surpassing their last season, with a win against Salem in the first round 70-30, and Bethel 54-49. But girls did far better this season, with their winning streak of 17 they were considered a “championship team in the making” by their fans.


“They are going to be a tough team next year,” said Jalen Mims, a Kempsville senior and fan of the team.


Reshaun Gibbs, senior, also added that they were fun to watch and that he thinks that the team would have gone to the state title game if they had had all their players, as one player was removed due to academic difficulties. As for next year? He believes they stand a chance.


The team will only lose three seniors in the carry over to the 2019-2020 school year, and new players will participate during summer league games, making this the top team in the league next year.