The Game They Were Depending on: KHS vs PA


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Aaron Thomas, Editor in Chief

On January 25, 2019, Kempsville girls varsity basketball team played in the most anticipated and hyped up game of the season. They were up against the Princess Anne Cavaliers, ranked second regionally, who challenged Kempsville’s first-place ranking.


This competition began at the start of the season, as Princess Anne has been number one for many years, with many Division I players. The game was packed, advertised as a “Pack the House” game, and it sold out before the game even began. It was so packed people were waiting outside, and it stayed packed through both the boys’ and girls’ games.


The Chiefs got off to a slow start, with Princess Anne going on a 7-0 run to open the game. Guard Cate Carlson scored a much-needed step back jumper that ignited the crowd, and then the two teams fought it out. As the Chiefs fought their way back into the game, Princess Anne pushed forward, running fast break after fast break trying to exhaust the Chiefs.


The game had the air of a showcase to the fans, as the game was fast break after fast break, but Princess Anne won with 97-44, breaking the girls’ streak of 14 wins. Princess Anne’s girls varsity basketball position is now number one, and their loss dropped Kempsville’s girls’ regional position to number four.


They face off against Princess Anne again, on Cavalier turf, on February 5.