Basketball Players Attend Retreat to Build Leadership


Aaron Thomas, Sports Writer

The African American Retreat was on January 16, 2019. Five varsity basketball team members, handpicked by their coach for demonstrating leadership skills, were invited to attend: Melo Richardson, junior, Stephen Thomas, senior, Mike Madison, senior, Eli White, freshman, and Dominic Stanford, sophomore. This retreat was intended to empower and excite players prior to the Annual African American Male summit.


The retreat also introduced the 64-day challenge. The purpose of the challenge was to promote non-violence, which Martin Luther King Jr. preached. The 64-day challenge encouraged the attendees in learning how to be more compassionate towards themselves.


The individuals selected will help with the Annual African American Male Summit on January 26, guiding visitors as well as demonstrating leadership using tips and tricks they learned at the retreat.


“It was helpful to learn and hear from many speakers on how hard times made them better,” said Richardson.