The Treaty

Andre Mas practicing on a crack climbing training frame that he made in his backyard.

K-Pop Dance Covers and Climbing: Social Distancing and Student Hobbies

Sydney Haulenbeek, Editor in Chief May 1, 2020

As schools have been closed and students are responsible for less schoolwork, time opens up in previously busy lives. Some students, such as Amara Cross and Andre Mas, have taken this opportunity to spend...

“I think this is a really good experiment to see what the future of learning could potentially look like. But at the same time I love school and being in the classroom (especially math class!) so I’d always take in person learning over online learning,” Andre Mas, 17, said in regards to taking online classes.

Students Respond to Adjusted AP Exams

Mylynn Hopper, Staff Writer April 29, 2020

Due to the current issues concerning COVID-19, gathering in large groups has been one of the prominent safety hazards that many facilities have been instructed to take in order to prevent the spread of...

Kicking off the tutoring center, Cade Black (right) guides Dani Crumpton (left) through rigorous classwork.

Student-Run Peer Tutoring Center Opens in Kempsville

Janelle Camba, Staff Writer October 3, 2019

Classwork is a struggle that many students understand. While there is no immediate fix, Andre Mas, senior, has found a way to help.    What started as a simple internship snowballed into a...

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